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Website Upgrade for Sin City Advanced E Cigarette

Submitted by admin on Sat, 08/25/2012 - 03:36

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for stopping by.  First, I would like to personally apologize for our payment system glitch (you can place items in shopping cart but can't check out).  I have been upgrading our site without the aid of my webmaster.  I thought I didn't need no stinken' webmaster.......ooops.  Of course I had to do it on a Friday afternoon too, of course.  I am sorry for the inconvenience this may have cause our visitors and new patners and promise to do my best to make it up to you.

The reason we are upgrading our site, mainly the payment module and management system, is that we are currently in negotiations with two other e cigarette companies to merge our payment, purchasing, and distribution systems to help increase our bulk purchasing power with our manufacturers.  We are already selling similar products at similar prices and believe we are a superb match.  We believe this cooperation (we are only merging portions of our operations - customer service, website promotions, and website itself will continue to operate as separate entities) will help lower our prices even more by passing the savings directly to you.  The other e cig companies have excellent customer service reputation and will continue to provide the excellent customer service.  We will all strive to do even better now that w ehave a new goal and direction for our combined operations.  The combined companies will operate under a single entity, but operated by Sin City Electric Cigarette.  We are also shortening our official name to Sin City E Cigarette.  Lots of great changes are coming soon.  We are just having a bit of growing experience right now (that's what I call problems I cause).  We will have it corrected hopefully by Monday, Tuesday at the latest. 

For the past month, we have been slowly experimenting with our payment integrations using a third-party payment solutions, Paypal (which turned out to be a very bad idea).  So, I decided and initiated the complete integration of our systems on Friday, August 24th, 2012.  It didn't quite work out as I envisioned it.  Maybe that's why they have experts and people who get paid doing things like this.  Sort of had the same problems over the years regarding home repair at my house, apparently I have some learning disabilities.  "I can do it" is great, but sometimes it is best left to an expert, that's why they have experts.  If it is of any consolation, I have had some terse conversations with our new partners.  I already got an earful, ouch.

I sincerely regret not backing up the system prior to integration, which is in hind sight as several people keep reminding me all day and into the night, the number one most obvious thing to do.  I don't need no backup, I KNOW what I'm doing, well, turned out to be my last words.

We will have this situation fixed as soon as we can.  It's not that it can't be fixed, it's just that I screwed it up to a point where I am not certain how to fix it back.  Adding and deleting codes.....I almost had it though. 

I would like to apologize once more for the inconvenience and frustration this may have caused with your visit to our sites.  We strive to be the best online e cigarette store and promise you that we will continue to improve in all aspects of our business.  I appreciate your understanding and patience.  Please look forward to our Labor Day Super Sale on Labor Day weekend.