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Vivi Nova Dual-Coil 2.8 ml Kit

NEW!  Vivi Nova DUAL COILED clearomizer with a large e juice tank capacity sold cheaply by Sin City E Cigarette.  Best, cheap prices on the latest, greatest, very popular Vivi Nova cartomizer.  Easy to fill and use.  Doesn't leak. Extra large tank capacity!  Now, this new clearomizer, also know as a cartomizer with a dual-coil atomizers delivers unbelieveable esmoke and vapor from any EGO threaded battery sold here! 

Comes with a total of three dual-coil atomizers, each with a different resistance or ohms.  Which ever you choose to start with, you still have two more which you can replace very easily.  It's like getting three top of the line cartomizer for the price of one!  Much better than 510 DCT being sold under various nicknames (yeah we do the same too).  If you like large tank capacity, thick, heavy, milky esmoke, then this is the BEST there is. 

Check out our cheap prices - factory direct to you!  Just don't ask us why the full sized Vivi Nova is cheaper than our Mini Vivi Nova.......we don't know either.  That's how the manufacturer prices them.

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