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Resistance vs Voltage: Using Your Variable Volt Battery Safely

Submitted by Martin on Fri, 02/15/2013 - 23:11

Hello Everyone,

Here is a very handy chart for using your variable volt battery.  Check the resistance of your cartomizer or clearomizer and adjust the voltage accordingly. Sin City E Cigarette's Mob MOD VV VW will do it for you automatically and display the atomizer coil resistance right on the backlit LCD display.  All you have to do is press and hold a button for about 3 seconds and the resistance of your clearomizer will display.  Then adjust the voltage accordingly.  Within the green range, you can adjust the voltage to your e juice.  This way you can use your clearomizer safely and it will last a longer time.  Otherwise, you may burn out the coil way before it's due.  You can adjust the voltage to match your clearomizer's resistance and e juice preference.

Visit our pages on variable volt e-cigarette starter kits, such as the Lucky 7 Twist VV and Mob MOD VV VW.  Also Twist and PowerBar variable batteries for your EGO threaded cartomizers and clearomizer such as our CE4V2 and Vivi Nova. 

For constant voltage EGO batteries at 3.3 volts, the optimum Vivi Nova atomizer is 2.4 ohms.  For higher voltages such as can be reached with the variable volt batteries, a higher resistance is desired.  The max battery voltage for our Vivi Nova clearomizer kit is 4.75 volts using the 2.8 ohm rated atomizer. 

Take a look at the handy chart below and adjust accordingly for safer vaping!

Thanks T.S. for sharing!