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Electric Daisy Carnival and Sin City E Cigarette

Submitted by admin on Fri, 06/08/2012 - 21:35

It's that time of year again, Electric Daisy Carnival is back in Las Vegas again.  Welcome back!  Hope everyone attending will have a safe and fun time.  They will have the largest free-standing stage in the world.  That should be very interesting.  Saw some pictures from the local newspaper this morning and it appeared awesome indeed.  Much bigger than the US Festival.....remember that one from back in the day?  If it is bigger and better than last year as Imsomniac claims it will be, then it should be a great success.

They will be here today through Sunday (June 8 - 10, 2012) at the Las Vegas Speedway on the northern out skirts of Sin City.  Easy access and parking, perfect place for the show.  Pick up their free guide to the event at any 7-11, Terrible's, or practically any grocery store.  It's being bundled with another great mag, Seven. Its a magazine about Vegas and happenings around town and it free.

You can also get more information at