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The Components Of The Electronic Smoking Device

Submitted by admin on Thu, 02/23/2012 - 17:39

The Components Of The Electronic Smoking Device

• Electric Cigarette LED Light Cover

• Electric Cigarette Battery (this houses the circuitry)

• Electric Cigarette Atomizer (the heating element)

• Electric Cigarette Cartridge (which is the mouthpiece)

Most e cigs consist of these components. However, some integrate the cartridge and the atomizer and make it disposable. Most reusable e cigarettes have components that are interchangeable as they are generally all manufactured to the same standard.

The Electric Cigarette Cartridge

The e cigarette cartridge is small and has openings on both ends. These are normally disposable. An absorbent material doused with the liquid solution is housed in here. It is here that the liquid will be vaporized. The esmoke that is produced then flows through the cartridge and into the mouth of the person using the ecig. The liquid in the cartridge can be refilled when depleted or another, pre-filled cartridge can be used.

The Electric Cigarette Atomizer

The atomizer is the heating element that vaporizes the e liquid solution that is going to be inhaled. The filament needs to be replaced from time to time as the build-up of sediment can result in it being less effective over time. This is also known as burn out of ecigs. Replacing the filament is one of the recurring costs that users of the electronic e cigarette can expect.

The E Liquid Solution for Electric Cigarettes

Now you can buy e liquid or e juice at discounted prices! We stock high quality, e juice in several flavors. The E Cigarette E Liquid, also known as the e liquid, e juice, ejuice or eliquid comes in a variety of flavors and nicotine concentration levels to suit your needs. There are low to mid ranges of nicotine to high and extra high doses of nicotine.  The flavor varieties can often mimic certain cigarette types and brands and others come in fruity flavors. There are also liquid solutions that mimic the flavor of vanilla, chocolate, coffee and caramel. 

If the liquid contains nicotine components it is commonly referred to as the nicotine solution.  The eliquid is the best solution to refilling your e cigarettes since it is so easy to use and saves money. Inside the cartridge is a small fluffy synthetic fibers – the e liquid clings to this synthetic pad to store and deliver e juice to the atomizer.  This is where you will drip a few drops of e liquid each time you want to refill the cartridge.  10ml goes a very long way.  All it takes is 3-5 drops of  e smoke eliquid  to refill your cartridges from our e liquid Bottle.

Many of the high quality e cigs at Sin City Electric Cigarette are of the "tank" variety where e liquid is no longer stored on a synthetic fiber pad, but a tank delivering a more consistent esmoke.

There are several ways to refill your e cigarette cartridges, by dripping direct on the cartridge or by using a syringe with a needle. To use the syringe simply extract e-liquid from the bottle using the syringe needle and then inject it as needed in to the cartridge.  It really doesn’t take much and this method is the least messy and cost effective.  You can even refill the mini e cigarette disposable cartridges.